After thoughts on the tragedy

I actually tried to keep it together at the office.  I would do a page and then I would lose focus, reminding my self often to get back on track and complete my work.  I tried not to drop a tear, when in reality I wanted to vomit and wail in the bathroom.

Newtown, CT is a particularly familiar area to me. I grew up in CT, Newtown is similar to my hometown, Madison, like most of the towns in Connecticut.  That elementary school was similar to my elementary school: walk in, office on the right, hallway in front of you, go around the corner and a hall of classrooms.  It is eerily weird for me.

The faces of the parents running to the school, the babies holding hands and crying with the policewoman ushering them, it could be my children, it could be your children, my friends have children these age, this is all so damn close to home, and familiar.  I’m queasy.

And the media interviews babies now?  I mean, kids, no they were not kids, they were babies.

Our President tears up when talking to the country for a short amount of time.  Washington says its too early to talk politics.  The NRA takes down their Facebook page.  Twenty babies die on a Friday morning at school and Washington isn’t outraged?  The NRA can’t handle the outcry so decides not to talk to the people?

Folks are saying stupid crap about prayer and G-d, and gun control laws and needing guns to protect ourselves from crazy shit that happened today.  What?

I mean what? I’m sorry but it was pretty freaking disgusting today.  Someone snapped, took his mother’s guns, killed her, killed babies and killed himself.  He was mentally disturbed, obviously, and wanted to cause as much chaos and pain to everyone else he could.  He too was a kid, a 20 year old kid who was obviously disturbed, had access to weapons and used them.

People tell me they are praying for the victims and the families.  Yes, I am praying too, but while my stomach is in knots and I can’t do anything to help anyone here, I am pissed.  Washington.  WASHINGTON do you hear me?  I pay my taxes just like most of the other people do here.  While you have your thumbs up your ass down in DC, postering and playing pigeon with each other you have forgotten to PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS.

There is a thing called a fiscal cliff that if you don’t get your shit together you fail us all and will cripple us.  Then there is a thing called GUN CONTROL.  Can we just try to make it a little harder to get guns in this country?  Whatever side you are on, whether it is pro gun or anti gun, we all can agree that Wal-Mart, to any reasonable parent, grandparent or just a general person, should not be able to sell guns?  Now, I am all for the 2nd amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

…but it’s called a well regulated Militia.  We are not in the wild west.  We do not have shoot outs on the main street of town.  We are Americans in the 21st century.  We know that having guns around, or easy access to guns, makes it more likely that death will happen from guns.  Twenty babies died.  The parents are still identifying bodies.  This is real and this happened again.  Aurora, the shooting in the movie theater; Oak Creek, now Newtown?

But, its not just about gun control laws.  I’m not saying abolish them, please, we need protection, obviously, but it’s about making them a bit harder to get.  Yes, there will be the black market; yes, there will be people that will always be able to get them, and that is a fact.  But what I can not believe is, you’ll still have as many as all these types of tragic shootings if guns are just a little harder to get than going to Wal-Mart.  I’m asking for just a little… at least take guns out of Wal-mart.

It’s too early to have this discussion?  I respect people’s need to pray.  I believe in a higher power and I do personally pray, so I’m not saying prayer isn’t helpful.  It will help your mind.  But will it help the country?  No, I don’t believe prayer alone will help our country. We need to start to scream.

Can we start to demand from Washington to protect us, and to have the conversation that everyone is so afraid to talk about in Washington?  Washington.  Protect us.  Protect our babies.  Protect our pocketbooks.  Protect. Us.

Aren’t you pissed as hell?  I’m going to throw up I’m so pissed off.

Get in touch with your congressman to tell him to ACT on laws protecting our country, our children, our fiscal responsibility.  Send an email, make a call, try to have a one sided conversation with him.  Be a pain in the ass.  Get loud and get angry.
House of Representatives


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