Bowlive IV, Night 1 and 2, Brooklyn Bowl

The birth of this music blog began four years ago, at the first Bowlive, Soulive’s yearly residency at The Brooklyn Bowl.  The Bowl had also just opened their doors around that time, and it seemed that View Skewed and Brooklyn Bowl has grown leaps and bounds since that time.

Brooklyn Bowl has become one of the top 10 destinations in NYC, and opening locations in Las Vegas and London.  View Skewed has been writing for such great publications like, and now for The Capitol Theatre.  It is fitting that View Skewed returns to our roots by covering Bowlive IV.  The reviews of the first Bowlive shows, if your interested, for shits and giggles….

IMG_4012NIGHT 1 Highlights:  (set lists below)
The Bowl was packed, Kung Fu opened, with their amazing 100% in your face jazz/funk fusion fury.  Night 1 special guests were John Popper, from Blues Traveler, and Luther & Cody Dickinson, with an unannounced appearance from Tedeschi and Trucks Band trombonist, Saunders Sermons.

NIGHT 1 Scene:  John Popper, special guest

Packed Bowl.  Packed for a Thursday, the most packed first night of Bowlive I’ve seen in the four years.  Soulive played first set and then brought out John Popper.  Popper sounds gooood, he looks good, and he sounded powerful and strong when he sang his tune, “Mulling it Over.” His signature voice sounds sweet yet tough, and it was great to see him up there. It’s always a treat for me to see Popper.

IMG_4038Second Set:  Luther and Cody Dickinson, special guests

It was all southern twang style with Luther and Kraz going tit for tat against each other, and Cody was playing some electronic drum next to Neal Evans’ keyboard rig.  Then Cody put on his infamous electronic washboard, and made those odd yet fun swishing sounds that I have come to love from the North Mississippi Allstars.  I turned to my friend and said, “This makes me feel like Wanee is close.”  Indeed, The Wanee Festival is about a month away.  Saunders Sermon strolled on stage to finish the last couple of songs with Soulive and The Dickinson Brothers.They played long on the first night, since DJ Questo couldn’t make his Bowltrain set, and we danced until around 1:15pm on a Thursday evening in Brooklyn.

Night 2

Pre-Show: Line to get in, packed house, people milling around for Sister Sparrow.  We got our drink, we said hello to some people, we found our spot near the stage, and watched the opening set.

Opener: Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, a local band from Brooklyn, is made up of 8 musicians on the stage – horns, vocals, guitars, drums, and I have to say they are powerful, the lead singer Arleigh Kincheloe led the group, consisting of brothers Jackson Kincheloe (harmonica) and Bram Kincheloe (drums), Sasha Brown (guitar), Josh Myers (bass), Phil Rodriguez (trumpet), Ryan Snow (trombone) and Brian Graham (baritone sax). She is a sexy number, reminding me of the sultry Grace Potter, and for me, their highlight was AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

IMG_4051Set Break:  Fried Chicken in the restaurant.  Soulive seemed to wait for us while we ate, as their first set did not start until after 10pm.  I was thinking, if Derek Trucks is really coming, Soulive is stretching out the timeline to make sure he can get here after his Beacon Allman Brothers show.  Little did I realize what was going to go down.

IMG_4073Set One:  Lee Fields

Soulive plays with another Brooklyn amazing singer, Lee Fields.  Mr. Fields is an accomplished singer playing people such as: El Michels Affair, Adele, Liam Bailey, Ghostface Killah, and Jay-Z to name a few.  He has a presence like James Brown, and he just put out a new album which I need to listen to after I publish this post.  He had on a silver suit, and danced, sang and brought the audience up a couple of notches.  The audience threw out their love for Fields, and “it only just began.”  The Bowl was beginning to heat up.

LeeFields_RobertRandolphSet Two:  Robert Randolph

Robert Randolph highlights for me were the Jimi songs, ie: Foxy Lady, his mirrored, sequined mask, and the fact that he jumped on his pedal steel guitar on his first song.  They did a funk medley including “Get on Up”, “Shake Your Money Maker,” “I Got A Thang, You Got A Thang” with Lee Fields singing all the funk tunes.  I later spaced out a bit watching “Crazy Fingers” Neal Evans on his keyboards.  His left hand should be insured, it is amazing to watch this guy throw down the bass line and the keyboard line at the same time.  At. The. Same. Time.  Jeez.

Randolph ends with “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” and finishes the second steamy set with “Crosstown Traffic,” where he proceed to lick his steel guitar while playing on his knees  Yes. That’s right.

Set Break

I should have known, and put it all together, but I was only focused on the fact that it had been confirmed, for me, that Derek Trucks was coming.  Although I seemed to be seeing a lot of Muleheads in the crowd, I had not put it together until I saw Haynes coming in that…of course… Warren is coming too.  Call me dense, call me Trucks-focused, call me naive – but it is what it is. They were both here.

IMG_4092The Elusive Third Set

I saw Haynes walk up the back stairs, and I told people, and asked if Trucks had been seen.  No one answered me and for a momentary flash I was a bit confused until Soulive came on the stage and played the first song “One in Seven” with Derek Trucks.  Second song brought out Haynes and he sang “The Thrill is Gone,” with Trucks, Krasno and Haynes taking turns with the lead.  I kind of flew into guitar bliss for the rest of the set, there was a KILLER “Sky is Crying,” with Randolph joining in.  One of my taper friends called it “Guitar Porn,” and it seemingly fit.  At one point it seemed like guitar smoosh, so many guitars going at once you couldn’t even distinguish the players anymore.  Absolutely Fabulous.  Everyone in the crowd had the same look of bliss that I felt.  We were stunned silent.

Jesus, it’s only night 2.  We have 6 more nights.  I highly recommend you hit one if not all of the shows if you can.  You won’t regret it.

Bowlive Night 2 Setlist, and Torrent Link:

**Thank you to taper Eric McRoberts**

Set 1:
01. intro/crowd
02. El Ron
03. banter – band intros
04. Dig
05. Rudy’s Way
06. Uncle Jr.
07. banter – introducing Lee Fields
08. We Fought For Survival *
09. You’re My Weakness *
10. Trying To Live My Life Without You *
11. outro/crowd

Set 2:
01. intro/crowd
02. Alladin
03. banter – inviting Robert Randolph
04. Foxy Lady @
05. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That @
06. ‘C# Funk Blues’ @
07. ?Sure Feels Good? @# ->
08. Sex Machine @#
09. ??? @
10. Papa Was A Rolling Stone @$
11. They Want EFX @
12. Crosstown Traffic @
13. ??? @
14. outro/crowd

Set 3:
01. intro/crowd
02. One In Seven %
03. banter – inviting Warren Haynes
04. Thrill Is Gone %^
05. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday %^
06. The Sky Is Crying %^@$&
07. Them Changes %^@$&
08. outro/crowd

* w/ Lee Fields – vocals, & the Expressions horns
@ w/ Robert Randolph – pedal steel guitar, vocals
# w/ Lee Fields – vocals
$ w/ Michael Buckley – tenor sax
% w/ Derek Trucks – guitar
^ w/ Warren Haynes – guitar, vocals
& w/ Saunders Sermons – trombone

Bowlive IV, Night 1 Set List & Torrent Link:
Set 1:
01. intro
02. Outrage
03. Hat Trick
04. Shaheed
05. Tuesday Night Squad ->
06. ?Bewildered? ->
07. Tuesday Night Squad
08. banter – inviting John Popper
09. Come Together *
10. banter – Popper speaks
11. Mulling It Over *
12. outro

Set 2:
01. intro
02. Turn It Out
03. Shake Your Mama @
04. Spanish Castle Magic @
05. Bubble @#
06. While My Guitar Gently Weeps @# ->
07. Tomorrow Never Knows @#
08. Someday Baby @#
09. Shake ‘Em On Down @#
10. encore break/crowd
11. Manic Depression @#
12. Washboard @#
13. ??? @#
14. Kissing My Love @#$
15. outro

* w/ John Popper – harmonica, vocals
@ w/ Luther Dickinson – guitar, vocals
# w/ Cody Dickinson – electric drum, drums (on tracks 8-9 – Alan on guitar)
$ w/ Saunders Sermons – trombone, vocals


One thought on “Bowlive IV, Night 1 and 2, Brooklyn Bowl

  1. Killer night. Awesome write-up as usual. You are so right about the blissful smiles on people’s faces. Was especially cool to see both Shapiro and Costello in the audience as fans rocking out and just loving what they were seeing!

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