Bowlive IV: Night 4, Brooklyn Bowl

Pre-show/During-show/Overall Bowling Notes:  I made it out on a Tuesday, even though I was quite spent from the work day, I went to see Bowlive IV with Booker T. and special unannounced guest David Hildago.

Since I was spent, I decided to get a cup of coffee from the restaurant. I saw a bunch of friends I knew including Eric Kalb (drummer, Deep Banana Blackout/Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings), and he called me a music addict.  “This girl sees a lot, I mean a lot of music.”  I laughed and acknowledged my addiction… and gave him props for the sick, sick DBB set last weekend at The Capitol Theatre.

We bowled, and I threw a horrendous score of 43.  Don’t judge. I am a better Wii bowler than a real bowler. Yes, I know, the amount of time I am at The Bowl does not equal my bowling score. I go to dance and hear music, not bowl.  I am glad all eyes were on the stage, some of my throws down the bowling alley caught air.  Whoops.

So, with the bowling, and the very mellow mood I was in, I relaxed on the couch and listened sidebar…till the end of the show.

Opener:  Have to say, it was a pretty incredible set from Cochemea “Cheme” Gastelum (Dap Kings) with about 1,000,000,000 players on the stage (ok, it was 9 players on the stage, but still pretty incredible.) There was Cheme alternating with a sax and flute and his band playing The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow, which sounded amazing to my ears. It was a mix of jazz/world beat music and it was such a great large sound to my ears.  The world beat brought in a new element from the inundation of funk/jazz we’ve been treated to.  Take my word, if you like horns and you like great percussion (2 percussionists and a drummer) and you like a mix of jazz/reggae/afrobeats, you’d love Cheme’s band.

photo by: Allison Murphy

photo by: Allison Murphy

Set 1 (and only 1, for a full 2+ hours)  I had seen a set list from the Beacon Allman shows, and Hildago was supposed to be there, but instead he showed up at The Brooklyn Bowl.  Lucky for us!

I loved seeing Booker T. in the flesh. He seemed to be having a great time on stage – and who the heck doesn’t like two Hammond B3’s on the stage.  Neal Evans and Booker T. going at it like flies to honey. Oooh boy, it was keyboard explosion on the stage.

Loved The Shady Horns on the stage – this was the first time I’d seen them the whole Bowlive Run.  They have been a staple during the four years of Bowlive, and it was great to see them back at their rightful place.

I also loved the covers of “Born Under a Bad Sign” with Hildago on guitar, giving it a very twangy sound.  LOVED it.  Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything” was also a great special treat – haven’t heard that song in about a hundred years.  Loved the cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”  It was all kinda crazy, to be honest.

Booker T. played is famous “Green Onions” and ended the Tuesday on a high note.  Early week shows are tough for me, but I’m so glad I made it out to see the legend Booker T. himself.

I took a few nights off this week to rest my weary bones, but you know me – I can’t not get to Bowlive for the end of the run… Saturday Night, the ending night of Bowlive, will prove to be a great show, with special guests galore.

I think I need a nap already!  See ya over at The Bowl!

Bowlive, Night 4, Set List (From Hidden Track):
Hat Trick (w/ Shady Horns)
For Granted (w/ Shady Horns, Binky Griptite and Two Members of Johnny Arrow)
Flurries (w/ Shady Horns)
Hip Hug Her (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Hang ‘Em High (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Born Under A Bad Sign (w/ Shady Horns, Booker T. and David Hidalgo)
Crazy (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Time Is Tight (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Something (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Everything Is Everything (w/ Shady Horns and Booker T.)
Encore: Green Onions (w/ Shady Horns, Booker T. and David Hidalgo)
Tuesday Night Squad (w/ Shady Horns)
Blues Jam (w/ Alan on vocals)


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