Bowlive IV: Night 8 and other random Bowlive thoughts, Brooklyn Bowl

Bowlive 4- Nite 8 feat. George Porter, London Souls & Shady Horns (Sat 3 16 13)_March 17, 20130452-Edit-600x

photo by: Marc Millman

Preshow: Got to the Bowl a little late – it was a snowy day in NYC, perfect for lounging, horrible for motivation. I had also been out late the night before, seeing the Drive By Truckers at The Capitol Theater, and then late night at B. B. King’s to see Berry Oakley Jr.  Tired indeed – yet one happy lady.

Opener – Alecia Chakour Band: I missed the whole set except the last song.  She blows me away everytime I see her.

Bottom line is: The Alecia Chakour Band is one you must go see.  Alecia’s voice is, well, just incredible. See Chakour with The Warren Haynes Band for a sample, find The Alecia Chakour Band for a full show.  Trust me on this, she is amazing, Neal Evans is on keys, there is a plethora of horns and it is just a great band, great lyrics, great vocals.  Yum.

Setbreak:  The usual – bathroom break, try to get to the bar and get a drink, find a place to settle in, say hi to the Bowl Family. Check out the sold out crowd.

Random Thought: The Bowl was amped.  You could feel the electricity in the air.  People were psyched, and since it was St. Patrick’s day weekend, it has an extra special twinge of Party on this closing night of Bowlive.  I saw a bridal party, complete with bride and groom come in and celebrate..kind of a cool after party show, Bowlive IV!

Set 1: Soulive w/ The Shady Horns & The London Souls

It was great to see Soulive up there, doing their thing, seemingly relishing the last night of Bowlive IV.  Soulive is a strong band, they get fuller, stronger, funkier when there are horns.  The Shady Horns including James Casey (sax, Trey Anastasio Band), Eric Bloom (trumpet), Ryan Zoidis (sax, Lettuce) with special guest Cheme Gastelum (sax/flute, Dap Kings).  Again, you can’t go wrong with horns on the stage.  Ever.  They hit their staple songs, “Uncle Junior,” the Beatles’ “Come Together,” and the low/funky tune, “One in Seven.”

The London Souls also got up there and played the last couple songs of the set.  The lead guitarist, Tash Neal, was in a pretty serious accident last year, but no one would have guessed by seeing him play on Saturday night.  I heard the same thing about them about Friday night’s Bowlive – they crushed it.  I’ve always liked these guys – check out my old Bowlive reviews.


Photo by: Jen Bernstein

Random Thoughts:  Sirius XM was broadcasting from Bowlive for their Jam On station and I saw fellow press people Scott Bernstein, editor, Glide Magazine/Hidden Track; Jen Bernstein (no relation), editor, High Times and Ari Fink and Steve Brandano from Sirius.  The booth looked like it was a party in amongst itself.

photo by: Marc Millman

photo by: Marc Millman

Set 2:  Soulive w/ George Porter Jr.

You can not beat any set with George Porter Jr.  Period. The man is funk and soul and he brings it wherever he goes.  It was the last night, I was dancing my poor tired legs and hips to Porter’s funky bass line.  There was room to breathe and dance, smile and laugh.  I felt a twinge of sadness, realizing this is the last night of Bowlive.

Random Act of Kindness:  Peter Shapiro, co-owner of The Brooklyn Bowl, came on the stage to thank Soulive and recount that this was indeed the 40th show.  (10 shows the first 3 years, 8 shows this year, plus 2 Kid Bowlive shows.)  Shapiro has given some great gifts to the audience of Bowlive – free shot of tequila (2nd year), sprigs of Rosemary (last year), and now this year we all received Bowlive shirts, with “40” on the back – obvfiously for the 40th show.  I’ve been to about 35 of those 40 shows.  They are always a frikkin blast.

I spied Shapiro in the crowd, handing out shirts to the audience members, making sure everyone got one.  He’s a true mensch.  And he’s made this possible for us all to enjoy each year.  Hats off to you Mr. Shapiro, and to the Soulive trio.  Can’t wait for Bowlive V!

Uncle Jr.
Come Together
One in Seven
El Ron
Killing Floor w/ The London Souls
Set 2:
People Say
Take a Chance
Pocky Way
Out in the Country
Encore: The Dragon
Keep on Marchin
Ain’t No Use


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