Dumpstaphunk, Brooklyn Bowl, March 23, 2013

579796_10151421223611575_2065743179_nHigh level notes:

  • The Bowl was packed – sold out, line out the door and holding because they were at capacity.
  • I did not have the fried chicken this time – I had the BBQ Wings. Still just as delicious.
  • I did not bowl this time. Last time I bowled a 43. I will not bowl there until I have practiced sufficiently to bowl over 43!
  • There was a bachelorette party in the crowd, I saw a blowup penis, bouncing up and down in the crowd. I tried to see if there was a reaction from Dumpstaphunk, but I think these guys have seen it all. No blow up penis is gonna change Dumpsta’s funk factor.

Opener: The London Souls

These guys are high on the radar. They rock it down with their old school rock (shredding guitars, hard beats of the drum – think Led Zeppelin with a Lenny Kravitz vibe – that’s The London Souls.  I just saw them last week at Bowlive IV.  They never disappoint.


Nick Daniels III – Bass, Vocals
Tony Hall – Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Nikki Glaspie – Drums, Vocals
Ian Neville – Guitar, Vocals
Ivan Neville – Hammond B3, Clavinet

You know about the whole two bassist’s thing right?  For a funk band, the more bassist’s you can get on the stage the better.  It works.  It’s deep – it’s nasty funk.  In a very good way.

Did you know they all sing?  That their songs have lyrics – that it isn’t a jam fest where you go deep into one song for 20 minutes?  (You all know I love a good 20 minute jam, but sometimes it’s not for everyone)  Did you know they are releasing a new album in June?  This will be their second album – they played a few songs from the new album on Saturday night, and from what I could tell around me – everyone was diggin’ it.  I was diggin’ it.


photo by: Vernon Webb

I didn’t have my notebook, I wasn’t taking notes – I was trying to observe the crowd around me but I have to tell ya’ll – it was a party.  It felt like Dumpsta brought the party with them all the way from New Orleans.  They have an energy that gets everyone moving, up, dancing, laughing, smiling, hootin’ and hollering.  The Brooklyn Bowl in itself has magic – great club, food, atmosphere, music and then Dumpsta comes in and throws a bit of Louisana charm all over the walls and it just becomes one big dance party.

The night ended with a dance party – no joke – a dance contest that lasted well throughout the night.  The Dance Contest, billed as “Soul-Clap” started at 1am, and danced well into the night.  The dance floor was full.  My friends were still bowling.  It was another beautiful night at The Brooklyn Bowl.


  1. Tony Hall took off his bass at one point, to where he was playing this gorgeous blue guitar.  (Or was it a bass?)  If anyone has a picture of this, I’d love to see it.  It was absolutely amazing.
  2. Ivan Neville got up from behind the keys to play guitar with Tash for the last couple of songs.  That was smoking, I do hope the tapers caught that.  Five guitars – Ivan, Ian, Tash, Nick Daniels and Tony Hall.  Sickness.
photo by: Vernon Webb

photo by: Vernon Webb

Set List:

Blues Wave
Gasman Chronicles
Take Time
Color Blind
Dancing to the Truth
Put It In the Dumpsta
Meanwhile… (w/Tash)
Living in a World Gone Mad (w/Tash)
Lt. Dan
Nikki Glaspie drum solo madness
Shake Your Money Maker (Ludacris cover)
Public Service Announcement (Jay Z cover)
Vivrant Thing (Tribe Called Quest cover)
Do Ya
One Nation Under a Groove

Here’s a great YouTube from last year’s Jazz Fest with Dumpsta and The Neville Brothers.  Kids, it doesn’t get any better than this.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Dumpstaphunk, Brooklyn Bowl, March 23, 2013

  1. Hey man, I appreciated the review. To answer your question, Tony Hall switched out for a guitar at one point. I think he also switched to a 4 string bass at one point. Also, they definitely noticed the penis. I caught Ian grinning at it.

  2. Also, how come the rap songs aren’t in the set list? Nikki did some great covers, including Vivrant Thing by Tribe Called Quest. Anybody got the names of the others?

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