Pat Metheny/John Zorn collaborate on new Album


In new Pat Metheny news, and new music to my ears, comes the collaboration of Metheny and his Orchestrion playing John Zorn’s klezmer inspired music.   This past weekend the NY Times had a full article with both artists.

To quote the NY Times article:

“The audacious result is … an album of six compositions culled from Mr. Zorn’s Jewish klezmer-influenced Masada oeuvre,” says the New York Times music writer Nate Chinen, “and performed almost entirely by Mr. Metheny, on various guitars, keyboards and other instruments, including the Orchestrion. (The only other musician on the album is Mr. Metheny’s regular drummer, Antonio Sanchez.)”

Read more of the article to get an indepth look at this newest collaboration. There is another article on Nonesuch Records where they are interviewed for BBC which gives even more insight.  (scan to approx 57:00)

The new album, TAP, drops today and is availabile on Amazon and iTunes


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