Orgone, 5/31/13 Brooklyn Bowl


(Or’gōne) noun

1. A universal life force, a cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature.

2. Eight souls from Los Angeles who will move your ass and melt your face.


photo by: Vernon Webb

Orgone, hailing from the streets of Los Angeles, hit the The Brooklyn Bowl for the third time, spring tour on Friday.  The band self-describes themselves as “heavy, raw, adrenaline-fueled funk and sweat-dripping soul.”  Agreed 100%.

The crowd at Brooklyn Bowl was packed, but not uncomfortably so, smiles were wide and by the end of the night it had turned into a full fledged 70’s dance party.  This night was different though, with one of the original singers, Fanny Franklin graced the stage since 2011.  This woman is powerful, she is a sultry singer the likes of Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Lyn Collins.  Soul drips out of her, and it was evident in a crushing “Crazy Queen,”  I left the evening remarking that she was “a great mix of sultry and salty.”


photo by: Vernon Webb

They started the show with a ten minute instrumental before Ms. Franklin hit the stage.  They were promoting their new album, New You Part 1, and there were some stand out songs from it including, Ronin, Don’t Say Stop, Say Goodbye, and Vigilance. 

Great evening. Great band. Catch them in your area.  Don’t miss these guys.



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