REPOST: David Byrne & St. Vincent, Capitol Theatre



David Byrne & St. Vincent visited The Capitol Theatre to promote their newest collaborative album, Love this Giant. Utilizing the stage to its full potential, David Byrne and St. Vincent (Guitar & Vocals) were joined by a 10 piece band including 1 drummer, 1 keyboardist, 3 trombonists, 3 trumpets, 1 tuba and 1 French horn. A few clarinets, flugelhorns and a sousaphone made its way to the stage. Byrne brought a cornucopia of horns to Port Chester this evening.

This was a highly choreographed performance, where the band, along with Byrne & St. Vincent, dance in step with each other within each song. Each dance consisted of odd mannequin dances (a la Talking-Heads style), while they absolutely nailed every song. St. Vincent’s voice is perfect pitch, Byrne’s vocals haven’t seemed to change in 30 years, and the horns accurately and perfectly accentuate each space within each song.

The crowd was happily, and surprisingly mesmerized throughout the evening, eating up the campy, vaudeville-esque show on the stage. The circus blossoming on the stage in front of the almost sold-out crowd was intoxicating as we all chair-danced in our seats.

Highlights were St. Vincent’s “Marrow”, Byrne’s dancing moves in “This Must Be The Place.” Byrne and the whole band ended up laying on the floor while St. Vincent sang “Cheerleader,” and when St. Vincent said, “I’d like to thank David Byrne…… for being David Byrne.”

The collaboration fits very well, Byrne’s sensibilities as an artist intertwine with St. Vincent’s odd, quirky style. They bounce off of each other so well, that it feels like you are being treated to watching, and hearing an amazing musical circus; one similar to a broadway improv show, overfilling with horns.

Sometimes we were treated to a Talking Heads song here and there, sometimes recognizable, sometimes not. The encore brought us to our feet with Talking Heads’, “Burning Down The House,” and ended the evening with “Road to Nowhere.”


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