Galactic – Night 1 of 4, Brooklyn Bowl


Galactic stopped by Brooklyn NY for a four night run at the Brooklyn Bowl earlier this month.  Each night was sold out.  Each night was better than the night before.  Each night there were special guests including Corey Glover (Living Colour), David Shaw (The Revivalists), High & Mighty Brass Band,  Jon Gutwillig ( The Disco Biscuits), Kalmia Traver (of Rubblebucket), and The Mike Dillon Band.

To say this was a New Orleans party up north in NYC would be an understatement.  Every time I have seen Galactic, they always bring down the house and this run was no exception.  With eighteen years behind them, they have become a powerhouse from NOLA like no other.  Their power is unmistakenable, their groove is funk in your face, and their songs run from lyrical to twenty minute jams.  Galactic is made up of such talent as: Ben Ellman, harps and horns; Robert Mercurio, bass; Stanton Moore, drums and percussion; Jeff Raines, guitar; Rich Vogel, keyboards.


photo by: Danny Irish

Ellman & Moore work separately with some of the newest and best talent coming out of New Orleans.  For example, my newest favorite band, The Revivalists, come out of NOLA and Ellman produces them.  I reviewed them a while back, and they seriously slapped me across the face with their new in-your-face kind of funk.  Some of the speical guests were part of this extended Galactic family, and it was obvious that NOLA had come to town.

What can I say except they brought the house down?  The place was packed (I mean packed, line down the street on the first night – I can only imagine what it was like the last night).  The Bowl was in high spirits.  The beer was flowing.  People were dancing and smiling.  The security was alert but not obtrusive, which is a nice change from other establishments in the area who would be all over you in a crowd like this.  But they weren’t.  Shavar and his team are always helpful, friendly and on it.  Not sure if I’ve ever talked about the security, but of all the places I frequent in NYC, they are the best.

This night, Galactic played my personal favorites: Sunday Araq, The Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil & Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.


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