About Me

I’m an observer.  An implementer.  A live music junkie.

I’m a potter. A “wannabe” chef and baker.  A sister and a feline owner.

I live in NYC.  I come from CT.  I’ve lived in Orlando, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston.  I am back home.

I’ve lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, but think she’s around….sometimes.

I’ve seen darkness and I’ve seen light.

And sometimes, I’m quite opinionated.

This is my view, skewed.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you in inherited your love of music from your family.
    Your grandmother could play anything by ear, so could my sister and her grandson Nicholas.

    We have a songwriter in our family, Marty Symes, nee Simon, and it is rumored that Paul Simon is a relative too.

    We ALL love music, it is a BIG part of our lives.

    I DO believe your mom is around at times,
    I know mine is. Both are missed!

  2. Wonderful site, Meredith! I feel honored to have been able to meet you through Allison and Dino!
    I keep up on your site now to know about all of the music happenings that I care about … and I make my plans from that. :)
    From my maternal sense, I am certain your Mom is around you at all times and is so very proud of you. Her smile shines down on you at all times.
    Hugs to you,
    Karen ~ Allison’s (ruthrocks.com) Mama

  3. Ha ! So appreciate this site Mer :) :) ;) U R so funny – can actually envision your being at these events, thanks so much for sharing the video’s too. “Good”, good stuff sweet lady ! <3.

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