The First 8 Weeks of 2011 Music, NYC Bound

[Ed note: I have been lax in my habit of coming home and writing about every show I see.  Very lax.  That seemed to happen for only a few months in the beginning of this journey, but now it seems to be harder to do every show I see, (yes, I know – crybaby cry…)  I will try to sum up what’s been going on in NYC on these dreary wintery nights, where the snow piled high on cement streets, freezing cold winds slapping in my face…. Oh, whilst in the depths of winter, music will warm my bones…]

Bernie Worell, The Bitter End

That Bernie Worrell show with his whacked out jacket, jammin hard with a stage full’a fellas, Will Bernard, 2 saxs, great drummer, trumpet player from PFunk, in the tiny Bitter End club.

Umphree's McGee, Brooklyn Bowl

Umphree’s McGee and all their lightshow bonanza at the Brooklyn Bowl, phewwweee!  That was great fun, and their lights made the Brooklyn Bowl sparkle, there was a haze on the mirrored dance ball over the dance floor.  It was wild, they sounded great, the crowd was psyched and ready to roll with UMG’s surprise Monday night show.

Funky Meters, Brooklyn Bowl

Nigel Hall‘s, vocals/piano, Residency last Wednesday at the Rockwood with all the Royal Family members in the house and then to Brooklyn Bowl to see the funky Meters play with Brian Stoltz, Art Neville, Russell Batiste and George Porter, Jr., the late night at Bembe with some tasty DJ licks by Nutritious, where the night came full circle when Nigel Hall comes to bang on some congas and dance the night away.  Did I say this was a Wednesday…

The insane late night rage at the Blue Note with Sam Kininger, Sax that I wrote about here.

Dr. John, Maceo Parker, Eric Krazno, Photo by Allison Murphy

The killer Soul II Soul Benefit at Brooklyn Bowl with Nigel Hall and the Royal Family folks with Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley.  Horns in the HOUSE.  Dr. John on keys.  Good lord.  Insanity.  Listen here at Archive:

Photo by Robyn Gould

The night at The Beacon Theater with the gorgeous Dickinson Brothers, Cody (drums), and Luther (guitar) opening for Robert Plant’s Band of Joy.  WOW.  First off, the Dickinson Brothers (North Mississippi Allstars), wailed incredibly tight jams my ears couldn’t believe at times that there was only two instruments on the stage.  Then Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, his new band.  Really great to see Robert in the flesh, dancing and singing perfectly.  Voice sounds great, the band is filled with string instruments and great singers.  Sweetness.


Wanee Festival, Day 3 – Saturday, April 16

Ed note:  If you haven’t read Day 1 or Day 2 before Day 3, you should start there.

Lost Vortex #3: You knew it was coming, right?  Things happen in threes.  Sunglasses.  Gone.  Sheesh.

Back to camp, hangin’ with the camp family with coffee in hand, we hear flute sounds coming from the Peach Stage.  10:30 am, it was time to boogie.  I went down to see the goings on with my girl.  Her brother was playing with the Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio this morning, and we wanted to get up there and see the music.  The Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio was lovely morning music, nice and jazzy with shredding rock, a flute here and there, keys, killer.  Yep, just beautiful.  After the show, we were told that Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were stranded in Iceland because of the volcanic ash, so they were gonna re-jigger the schedule around and there would be a jam session before Johnny Winter.  I laughed out loud, I love Wanee impromptu jams, they are so sweet… heh, we are in for a treat later today.

Spirit of the Suwanee Magical Moment: I asked my friend to call my phone, one last time, maybe someone will pick up?  She looked at me crazy but appeased me.  The next thing I know she’s saying “Hello?  Hello?”  The person on the other side says, “Wow, I just turned the phone on this second and it rang.”  Yes, that is what I’m saying…magical.  He found it in another campsite, in the dirt, two days ago.  Wow.

Went back to the campsite, chilled with my camp family and waited for Dr. John. The Peach Stage and the Mushroom Stage’s schedules had slipped because Sharon Jones couldn’t make it, and my timing was getting off.  The dilemma:  Dr. John vs. Robert Randolph vs. Dumpstaphunk.  I decided to go see a bit of Dr. John, then go see Dumpsta, then go see Robert Randolph and the Word.  I was feeling a bit schizophrenic, to be honest.  I had total “I’m gonna miss a really great set” anxiety going on.  I had camera, notebook and earplugs.  I left the camp and started on my journey.

A Family Affair with Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk is on stage.  Wow.  Good lord they threw down.  A Sly set, holy schmoley.  It was a breezy hot afternoon, people were raging out, the sax and the trumpet were loud and strong. Ivan’s keys were screaming, bass low and groovy.  Whooo, out of control funky, and now I can hear The Word with John Medeski, Robert Randolph and the North Mississippi Allstars from the other stage.  So, I decide to run over to the Peach Stage after Everyday People to see Robert and the Word, but still can hear Dumpsta and want to get back there to that crazy rage.  See, schizophrenic.

I did run back to the Dumpsta craziness.  Danced hard, my legs now were beginning to ache, serious ache in my calves, but it didn’t matter, I can’t stand still.  Legs and hips had a mind of their own, cuz this was going DOWN.  One of my personal highlights of the festival.  Phewwwwww.

I went back to my camp for hydration purposes, and could still hear The Word featuring John Medeski, Robert Randolph and North Mississippi Allstars playing from the other stage.  They sounded so sweet, Funk + Southern Rock… Rage.  Yes, it was raging.

So now, the next dilemma I had was The Black Keys vs. The Funky Meters.  Yes, it was getting insane.  So, I decide to get to the hammock and listen to the Funky Groove of the Funky Meters before the Wanee Family Funk Jam that was going on.  And, wow, did it go on.

Wanee Family Funk Jam: If I thought Dumpsta and the Funky Meters brought it in….I was wrong.  I mean, Dumpsta was way insane, way amazing, way fun, but this Funk Jam stuff.  Hot.  Way hot.  Way deep.  Damnnnn.  Let’s see – Dumpstaphunk and The Funky Meters, Cody and Luther Dickinson, Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, JoJo Herman, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Matt Grondin.  Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

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