Bowlive IV, Night 1 and 2, Brooklyn Bowl

The birth of this music blog began four years ago, at the first Bowlive, Soulive’s yearly residency at The Brooklyn Bowl.  The Bowl had also just opened their doors around that time, and it seemed that View Skewed and Brooklyn Bowl has grown leaps and bounds since that time.

Brooklyn Bowl has become one of the top 10 destinations in NYC, and opening locations in Las Vegas and London.  View Skewed has been writing for such great publications like, and now for The Capitol Theatre.  It is fitting that View Skewed returns to our roots by covering Bowlive IV.  The reviews of the first Bowlive shows, if your interested, for shits and giggles….

IMG_4012NIGHT 1 Highlights:  (set lists below)
The Bowl was packed, Kung Fu opened, with their amazing 100% in your face jazz/funk fusion fury.  Night 1 special guests were John Popper, from Blues Traveler, and Luther & Cody Dickinson, with an unannounced appearance from Tedeschi and Trucks Band trombonist, Saunders Sermons.

NIGHT 1 Scene:  John Popper, special guest

Packed Bowl.  Packed for a Thursday, the most packed first night of Bowlive I’ve seen in the four years.  Soulive played first set and then brought out John Popper.  Popper sounds gooood, he looks good, and he sounded powerful and strong when he sang his tune, “Mulling it Over.” His signature voice sounds sweet yet tough, and it was great to see him up there. It’s always a treat for me to see Popper.

IMG_4038Second Set:  Luther and Cody Dickinson, special guests

It was all southern twang style with Luther and Kraz going tit for tat against each other, and Cody was playing some electronic drum next to Neal Evans’ keyboard rig.  Then Cody put on his infamous electronic washboard, and made those odd yet fun swishing sounds that I have come to love from the North Mississippi Allstars.  I turned to my friend and said, “This makes me feel like Wanee is close.”  Indeed, The Wanee Festival is about a month away.  Saunders Sermon strolled on stage to finish the last couple of songs with Soulive and The Dickinson Brothers.They played long on the first night, since DJ Questo couldn’t make his Bowltrain set, and we danced until around 1:15pm on a Thursday evening in Brooklyn.

Night 2

Pre-Show: Line to get in, packed house, people milling around for Sister Sparrow.  We got our drink, we said hello to some people, we found our spot near the stage, and watched the opening set. Continue reading


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Gathering of the Vibes, Day 2, July 30

Remember folks, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Pace yourselves.  Day 2.

Up and Getting Ready: I jumped out of the tent at 8:30.  Considering I had passed out before midnight, that was a good night’s sleep and I was ready to go.  It was already scorching by 8:30 and my ladies had coffee ready for me.  (Thank you Theresa) Breakfast consisted of a cheesy omelet, coffee and bacon.  I decided to take a shower in the L. I. Sound, please don’t judge me-I know exactly how nasty the Bridgeport Sound is, yet – I still did it.  Met more friendly people on the way as I walked towards the beach.

With soap and shampoo in hand, I proceeded to bathe myself in the water.  As things normally go for me at festivals, I lost the soap and my sunglasses.  (what is with the sunglasses, seriously!  Every festival I have lost sunglasses (Wanee, Mountain Jam, Nateva and now Vibes).  By this point, I don’t get upset anymore, I just go to a vendor and spend my $10 and get another pair.  But, sheesh.

photo by: Gigi

Radiators: We went down to the main stage to check out The Radiators, I got there to catch their last few songs.  Walked through the crowd and met up with more local friends before Jackie Greene came on.  Boppin’ through the crowd I stopped at The Karma Wash and planted flowers around the red carpet to brighten up the place and make it welcoming for all the people who needed their Karma Washed.

Jackie Greene: I was still wandering through the crowd, sayin hi to those I knew, and hello to those I met.  Jackie Greene is a hottie up there and I didn’t really notice much difference until John Molo joined in on drums for Scarlett.  Yay, when I heard Scarlett at all, I so tarted to bounce, but I didn’t realize Molo was on drums until after the set.  Molo wailed it, Jackie sang in true form and we slid into Ball and Chain.  Great last song.  Smile wide on my face.

Lunch Break:  Back to camp, hotdogs for lunch.  Yeah, that’ll do.

Steve Kimock and Crazy Engine: So, we sacrificed Steve’s set for hotdogs but I wanted to get back up there for Robert Randolph so I got the DeadVids crew together and we wandered up to the main stage.  As we were walking I heard my favorite P-Funk song Red Hot Mama and before I even got into the venue I knew Bernie Worrell was on stage.  I almost left my buddies behind me and I tried to sprint up to the stage to see Bernie.  And Red Hot Mama… ummmm, whooo.  You can’t go wrong with that song, and I was so glad I made it to hear that song.  But, as it goes, by the time I got up to the field, I heard, “Thank you Vibes, good night.”  Sigh.  Dagnabit.  Take a listen to what I missed…. dagnabit.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings: I have not seen Sharon Jones before and I knew I was in for a treat.  I was blown away by them.  Sharon Jones’ voice is incredible.  Like, Aretha+Grace Potter+Jen Durkin wailing.  The energy of this group was way high.  The beats?  Think funk with a huge entourage, horns, backup singers, Sharon’s incredible voice.  She’s my new favorite.  Loved this so much.  Can’t wait to see her again.  PLEASE PLEASE go see her if you haven’t already.  You wont be able to stop yourself from dancing.

Robert Randolph: Fun fun stuff.  Love Robert.  Love the steel pedal guitar he masterfully wails.  Love the band.  He raged it hard for the first couple of songs, then the middle of the set was some of his new stuff.  I wasn’t immediately hooked by it, but I wanted to try to assess the music.  I figured, it may not be my style of music, but it is now Robert’s new stuff, stuff he’s psyched about, and I wanted to give it a fair shot.  I’m still 50/50 on the new stuff, was very happy he bookended the set with his older style, but I want to hear more.  I want to listen again to the new stuff so I can be sure I can make a true assessment.  So, assessment on Robert’s new stuff:  unknown.  One last note – he had this schmata on his head, and I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was.  Scarf?  Bandana?  Shirt with a knot in it?  Again:  unknown.

The YouTubes are lacking, so for a giggle:

photo by: Doug Buckley

Furthur: Yep, we were all rollin in for the first major headliner of the weekend.  The boys.  My girls and I set up our chairs on the left of the soundboard and we had our space to dance.  The rumor mill had been spreading all day, and I had gotten a series of texts from friends telling me that Bobby had gotten dosed at Nokia a few days earlier, confirmed by PhilZone.  I had also heard that the whole backstage area at Vibes was in lockdown when Furthur came into the venue.  Lockdown as in even those with all access passes were having issues getting back there.  Serious stuff.  I looked up and was able to see stars (coming from NYC, this is a rare occurrence).  I looked around and I saw my tribe.  I felt the CT vibe, knowing I was in my local home territory.  It felt right.  I was shining.

Furthur Highlights: Jack Straw (we can share the women we can share the wiiiine).  Friend of the Devil was rockin – someone said to me, this is a rare one, and indeed it was, because I have not heard a FOTD in a long time.  FOTD was smokin’, Kadlecik shredded his guitar and it was truly a great song. The star, besides Phil is really John K. and Jeff Chimenti on keys.  I can’t say it enough, Jeff plays those keys and it makes the songs shine on a different level.  They sparkle.  Twinkle.  It is like Jeff puts another layer on top of the already incredible music being played by the band.  I do believe Jeff could be my favorite member of Furthur.

Then there was Help.  Yep.  Help on the Way into an incredible Slipknot with an amazing funky fun little jam in the Slipknot.  Into Franklin’s Tower.  Uh huh.  Donor Rap into Terrapin.  TERRAPIN.  Oh yeah, I danced, I sang with the crowd.  I partied and I swayed with the Vibe Tribe.  That was the highlight for me.  Help>Slip into Terrapin.  Thank you Furthur, Thank you.  For a real good time.

Late Night Show:  Mix Master Mike: I went and checked this out – Beastie Boys lover inside of me pulling me towards the Green Vibes stage.  I must be too old, but it wasn’t my thing.  Or maybe I couldn’t move anymore.  I wandered back to camp, walking near the water all the way home.  The camp family were already sleeping when I got there, so I chilled out and put myself to bed.  All for Day 3 tomorrow.

Wanee Festival, Day 3 – Saturday, April 16

Ed note:  If you haven’t read Day 1 or Day 2 before Day 3, you should start there.

Lost Vortex #3: You knew it was coming, right?  Things happen in threes.  Sunglasses.  Gone.  Sheesh.

Back to camp, hangin’ with the camp family with coffee in hand, we hear flute sounds coming from the Peach Stage.  10:30 am, it was time to boogie.  I went down to see the goings on with my girl.  Her brother was playing with the Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio this morning, and we wanted to get up there and see the music.  The Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio was lovely morning music, nice and jazzy with shredding rock, a flute here and there, keys, killer.  Yep, just beautiful.  After the show, we were told that Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were stranded in Iceland because of the volcanic ash, so they were gonna re-jigger the schedule around and there would be a jam session before Johnny Winter.  I laughed out loud, I love Wanee impromptu jams, they are so sweet… heh, we are in for a treat later today.

Spirit of the Suwanee Magical Moment: I asked my friend to call my phone, one last time, maybe someone will pick up?  She looked at me crazy but appeased me.  The next thing I know she’s saying “Hello?  Hello?”  The person on the other side says, “Wow, I just turned the phone on this second and it rang.”  Yes, that is what I’m saying…magical.  He found it in another campsite, in the dirt, two days ago.  Wow.

Went back to the campsite, chilled with my camp family and waited for Dr. John. The Peach Stage and the Mushroom Stage’s schedules had slipped because Sharon Jones couldn’t make it, and my timing was getting off.  The dilemma:  Dr. John vs. Robert Randolph vs. Dumpstaphunk.  I decided to go see a bit of Dr. John, then go see Dumpsta, then go see Robert Randolph and the Word.  I was feeling a bit schizophrenic, to be honest.  I had total “I’m gonna miss a really great set” anxiety going on.  I had camera, notebook and earplugs.  I left the camp and started on my journey.

A Family Affair with Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk is on stage.  Wow.  Good lord they threw down.  A Sly set, holy schmoley.  It was a breezy hot afternoon, people were raging out, the sax and the trumpet were loud and strong. Ivan’s keys were screaming, bass low and groovy.  Whooo, out of control funky, and now I can hear The Word with John Medeski, Robert Randolph and the North Mississippi Allstars from the other stage.  So, I decide to run over to the Peach Stage after Everyday People to see Robert and the Word, but still can hear Dumpsta and want to get back there to that crazy rage.  See, schizophrenic.

I did run back to the Dumpsta craziness.  Danced hard, my legs now were beginning to ache, serious ache in my calves, but it didn’t matter, I can’t stand still.  Legs and hips had a mind of their own, cuz this was going DOWN.  One of my personal highlights of the festival.  Phewwwwww.

I went back to my camp for hydration purposes, and could still hear The Word featuring John Medeski, Robert Randolph and North Mississippi Allstars playing from the other stage.  They sounded so sweet, Funk + Southern Rock… Rage.  Yes, it was raging.

So now, the next dilemma I had was The Black Keys vs. The Funky Meters.  Yes, it was getting insane.  So, I decide to get to the hammock and listen to the Funky Groove of the Funky Meters before the Wanee Family Funk Jam that was going on.  And, wow, did it go on.

Wanee Family Funk Jam: If I thought Dumpsta and the Funky Meters brought it in….I was wrong.  I mean, Dumpsta was way insane, way amazing, way fun, but this Funk Jam stuff.  Hot.  Way hot.  Way deep.  Damnnnn.  Let’s see – Dumpstaphunk and The Funky Meters, Cody and Luther Dickinson, Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, JoJo Herman, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Matt Grondin.  Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

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Bowlive, Brooklyn Bowl, 3.6.10 w/ Ivan Neville + Robert Randolph + a little Charlie Hunter -updated

Preshow: First stop was Brooklyn Bowl (again – my 3 night consecutive run at Bowlive even surprised me).  But, as someone said, “They’re soooo good.”  

Line: Long,  House: Packed,  Bar: couldn’t get to,  On Stage: Nigel Hall on keys.

Set 1: Soulive (Eric Krasno, guitar; Neal Evans, keys; Alan Evans, drums).

Ivan Neville on keys

Set 2: Soulive with 3 horns.  Ivan Neville shows up with another saxophonist.  Rage continued.  Nigel and Neal were dancing with each other on one set of keyboards,  Nigel’s left hand, Neal’s right hand –switch– Neal’s left hand, Nigel’s right hand.  Wild, I can’t even describe it properly. I need to link to something to show what was going on. Here’s a link to see the dancing… its better than trying to describe it (a picture is a thousand words and all that).   The energy was electric, and was sizzling through the Brooklyn Bowl.  It was only 11pm.

Setbreak: longer than the usual 15 minutes.  My friend started to shake and she said, eyes bugged out, “Oh my god, I just saw Robert Randolph.”  I looked on stage, damned if I didn’t see a steel guitar up there.

Set 3: Robert Randolph and Soulive go absolutely nuts.  Robert is a trip, his energy is so high, the roof was blown off the Brooklyn Bowl once again.  Pure power, pure funky guitar riffs, crazy keys and incredible beats.  We were on that “driving the one beat” train right into the ground.  It was intense.  Intense.

Robert Randolph walked in for a bit

Set 4: I can’t remember if there was a 4th set.  It all merged together at this point.  The music lifted the Bowl and everyone in it a little bit higher.  The stage was packed, 4 horns, 1 drummer, I conga player, Robert Randolph on steel guitar, cranking it out, lifiting that steel with his knee almost off the stage, Ivan Neville on vocals, then he moved to the keyboard on my side of the stage.  Bass keys and more from Neal, Nigel on vocals.  Insanity reigns at Bowlive.

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