Wanee Festival 2014


Ahhh, Wanee is close, so close, 3 days close.  This year it is packed with great artists such as Lynard Skynard, Trey Anastasio Band, Gov’t Mule and Tedeschi Trucks Band.  Other incredible bands are: Umphree’s McGee, moe., Dumpstaphunk, Soulive  (see list below).  And yes, this is a Thursday to Saturday festival, where everyone leaves on Sunday and is good to go to work on a Monday, unlike most festivals that start on a Thursday and end late Sunday night.

However, this year will be different.

This is the 10th Anniversary.  It’s also the last year the Allman Brothers Band will be playing/on tour.  I have a feeling this will be one of the most special Wanee’s ever.  The anticipation is killing me.

IMG_2716Grab your tickets now!

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Robert Plant & The Band of Joy, 2011

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photo by View Skewed

2014 Wanee Lineup:

  • Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band
  • Umphrey’s McGee
  • Ziggy Marley
  • Blues Traveler
  • The Chris Robinson Brotherhood
  • Hot Tuna Electric
  • moe.
  • Umphree’s McGee
  • Rusted Root
  • Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk (Music of Led Zeppelin)
  • Soulive
  • Royal Southern Brotherhood
  • Walter Trout
  • Rob Garza (of Thievery Corporation)
  • Blind Boys of Alabama
  • Bobby Lee Rodgers
  • Melvin Seals & JGB
  • Futurebirds
  • Berry Oakley’s Skylab
  • Matt Schofield
  • Break Science
  • Pink Talking Fish
  • Sean Chambers
  • The Yeti Trio
  • The Hip Abduction



2011 Catskill Chill Festival, Camp Minglewood, Fri & Sat

The Scene:  Talk about a Chill Festival.  This small little festival was tucked away far into the Catskill Mountains, at a summer camp called Camp Minglewood.  It had all the makings of a lovely summer camp; cabins for campers to sleep, docks and a lake for swimming, halls for eating and gathering.  This weekend, Camp Minglewood was transformed into a vendor filled, camping, music loving extravaganza.  Tents were mixed with the cabins, electricity was available for coffee percolators in the morning, hot showers (yes, I said HOT showers in the cabins) and the people were friendly.  So friendly.  Did I mention friendly?  Hugs and good mornings from strangers and friends alike.  It felt like one large big happy family, who were all floating on air from music overload, shared experiences and dancing hard.

Friday:  So, after a long day at work, and a longer ride up to the Catskills, getting our wristbands, parking the car, finding the cabin, and unloading, we were able to catch the evening’s last set.  My friend and I found our friends and I was jonesing for some music already.  We bolted from our posse and went to find the music.  We made the last set of the night, Break Science.  I remember there were about 300-400 people, and some very heavy beats from Mr. Adam Deitch.  After I got my fill from head nodding, and some hip shaking, we went to check out the fire drum circle. Jumping through mud puddles, we checked it out, and was treated to a fire dancer twirl right next to us.  I put my toes near the fire, got warmer (thankfully!) and wandered around.  We went back to the cabins to chill out with my posse, check out the vendors, understand the lay of the land, and think I passed out at 3.  Oh – we had bunkbeds, typical for a summer camp.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve slept in bunkbeds.  (side note: bring padding for bunkbeds).

Photo by: Josh Raskin/Tiny Rager

Saturday:  Ok, so I was hurting this morning.  Between the crazy long week, the dancing and wandering till 3am, the bunk beds and waking up to the sound of the drum circle still going on, I have to admit… I was kind of hurting.  If you know me, you know I am not the most lively, cordial, talkative person in the morning, and my new cabin mates learned that quickly.  I found the coffee truck, bought three cups, gave one to my friend and drank the other two quickly.  It helped…  It was beginning to help.

The day was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, the sun was out, the weather was a perfect 80 degrees.  It was spectacular.  And perfect.  And very Catskill Chilling.

The Heavy Pets: I gathered myself together, took a shower, ate a bit of food (don’t remember what it was), and got myself down to the stage for The Heavy Pets.  It was a really nice way to start the day.  The Main Stage wasn’t packed at all – probably under 400 people.  The Pets jammed, crazy guitar licks, heavy groovy bass drum, bouncy, trippy kind of music.  There was room to bounce.  There was room to jam.  I was relaxing into the vibe of the festival – the Chill.

Photo by: Josh Raskin/tinyrager

There was a surprise birthday party for me and a few other Virgo babies, that was completely a surprise for me.  The coordination to get at least 20 people together, at a certain time at a festival is a feat in itself, but to have candles and goodie bags for the birthday boys and girls, well… all I can say is I am grateful.  (And thank you, Karen.)


Photo by: Phrazz

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds:  Wow.  Hello there.  I’d never seen these guys before and… wow.  Rage-o-rama.  Horns galore, incredible harp player, and the chick that sings – WOW.  I was impressed.  We had trombone, trumpet, sax, bass sax, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, drums, singer.  The horns do a great dance in sync, Sister Sparrow sings it hard – full Aretha/Whitney/Janis in your face (the chick is about 5 feet nothing and maybe weighs 25 pounds.  How does that work?!?)  This band is on my highlights list.  They are fun.  They are funky.  And I danced my butt off.

Photo by: Robyn Gould

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The First 8 Weeks of 2011 Music, NYC Bound

[Ed note: I have been lax in my habit of coming home and writing about every show I see.  Very lax.  That seemed to happen for only a few months in the beginning of this journey, but now it seems to be harder to do every show I see, (yes, I know – crybaby cry…)  I will try to sum up what’s been going on in NYC on these dreary wintery nights, where the snow piled high on cement streets, freezing cold winds slapping in my face…. Oh, whilst in the depths of winter, music will warm my bones…]

Bernie Worell, The Bitter End

That Bernie Worrell show with his whacked out jacket, jammin hard with a stage full’a fellas, Will Bernard, 2 saxs, great drummer, trumpet player from PFunk, in the tiny Bitter End club.

Umphree's McGee, Brooklyn Bowl

Umphree’s McGee and all their lightshow bonanza at the Brooklyn Bowl, phewwweee!  That was great fun, and their lights made the Brooklyn Bowl sparkle, there was a haze on the mirrored dance ball over the dance floor.  It was wild, they sounded great, the crowd was psyched and ready to roll with UMG’s surprise Monday night show.

Funky Meters, Brooklyn Bowl

Nigel Hall‘s, vocals/piano, Residency last Wednesday at the Rockwood with all the Royal Family members in the house and then to Brooklyn Bowl to see the funky Meters play with Brian Stoltz, Art Neville, Russell Batiste and George Porter, Jr., the late night at Bembe with some tasty DJ licks by Nutritious, where the night came full circle when Nigel Hall comes to bang on some congas and dance the night away.  Did I say this was a Wednesday…

The insane late night rage at the Blue Note with Sam Kininger, Sax that I wrote about here.

Dr. John, Maceo Parker, Eric Krazno, Photo by Allison Murphy

The killer Soul II Soul Benefit at Brooklyn Bowl with Nigel Hall and the Royal Family folks with Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley.  Horns in the HOUSE.  Dr. John on keys.  Good lord.  Insanity.  Listen here at Archive:

Photo by Robyn Gould

The night at The Beacon Theater with the gorgeous Dickinson Brothers, Cody (drums), and Luther (guitar) opening for Robert Plant’s Band of Joy.  WOW.  First off, the Dickinson Brothers (North Mississippi Allstars), wailed incredibly tight jams my ears couldn’t believe at times that there was only two instruments on the stage.  Then Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, his new band.  Really great to see Robert in the flesh, dancing and singing perfectly.  Voice sounds great, the band is filled with string instruments and great singers.  Sweetness.

22nd Annual Xmas Jam – TOP TEN

My Top 10 highlights of the 22nd Annual Christmas Jam in Asheville, NC.

10.  The Christmas Jam Ale was delicious going down.  But it crushed me the next morning.

9.  Dirty Dozen Brass Band opening the Pre-Jam, and setting the tone for the whole weekend.

8.  New band The Last Straw from Nashville TN.  Rocking southern sound, and wonderful nice people.  Can’t wait to see them in NYC!

7.  The Satellite Gallery showcasing incredible photos from Allison Murphy, Danny Clinch (this one being my favorite), David Oppenheimer, Dino Perrucci, Don Van Cleave, Jay Blakesberg, Kirk West, Stewart O’Shields.
Poster Art By: Eugene Serebrennikov (Hyp_inc), Gary Houston, Jeff Troldahl, Steve Johannsen & More

6.  Standing next to Artemis Pyle at the Emerald Lounge – no more than 5 feet from him.  Wow.

5.  VIP tickets for Christmas Jam allowing us to get into the Pre-Jam at the Orange Peel, and extra amenities at the Christmas Jam.  They fed me, and they had a separate bar line (albeit always very long), coat check and private bathrooms.

4.  Steve Miller, a cappella and Carlos Reyes on harp.  Song dedicated to Les Paul.  Breathtaking, goosebumps.

3.  The Warren Haynes Band. No words.  Seriously.  Highlight: Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley

2.  Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes, acoustic, playing Melissa at the Pre-Jam.  Brought me to new heights.

1.  The Players:  Warren Haynes, Ruthie Foster, Ivan Neville, Ron Holloway, Ron Johnson, Terrence Higgins, Kevn Kinney, Audley Freed, Gregg Allman, Steve Miller, John Bell, JoJo Hermann, Umphree’s McGee, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Cody Dickinson and so many more…

Gathering of the Vibes, Day 3, Saturday – Audio Links

Zack Deputy (soundboard)

Max Creek


Assembly of Dust


Umphree’s McGee

Rhythm Devils