Moonalice, Brooklyn Bowl, 3.25.10 – Updated

Preshow: Line: none  Bar: empty  Dance floor: the anti-thesis of claustrophobic  Mood: Chill

I was supposed to be meeting a NYC Twitter crowd (finally!) but I have never met any of these people before, and this was hindering my ability to recognize anyone from a small little Twitter avatar.   Alas, we move on.

Grab a drink and a menu.  Settle on a potato knish and check out the surroundings.  The bowling lanes were packed.  I was having a series of déjà vu’s of the Bowlive craziness that went down while waiting for my food.  I feel at home at The Brooklyn Bowl, the vibe is always perfect.  Tonight was no exception.

Moonalice Set: Pete Sears, keys and bass; Barry Sless, guitar;  Roger McNamee, guitar and vocals;  Ann McNamee, vocals;  John Molo, drums.

Moonalice comes on a little after 8 and plays full through 10:15ish.  It was a nice set, they really sound great with Roger and Ann on vocals, Sless plucks that guitar eerily like Garcia.  I was told he plays the guitar made by the man who made Jerry Garcia’s guitar.  Well, the tone is the same.  Makes sense to me. My heels turn upward into a bouncy hippie jig that comes out only during certain tunes and certain types of guitar plucking, thank you Mr. Sless.   Pete Sears wails those keys, (he sings too!) and the bass.  Um.  When Barry and Pete go off together either while Pete is on bass and Barry is on either the pedal steel or the regular guitar… wow.  They go deep together.  John Molo on drums keeps the beat for everyone in the room, constant, like a metronome.  Close your eyes.  Listen to the groove.  Fun.  Bouncy.  Sweet.

Roger McNamee gives a shout out to the Twitter-verse and the Facebook crowds, which was very cool.

After a team huddle, they played the sweetest Stella Blue.  Sears singing, Sless plucking, Molo keeping time.  Wonderful.  Sless decides to sit for a while at the pedal steel guitar.  It gave the song this sweetness, this intermingling of notes that twinkle…that shine.  Ahhh, Stella Blue.  Barry and Pete then end up going low and fast, grooving together, my feet were bouncing, my eyes were closed, I couldn’t stop smiling.  Thank you Moonalice.

Setlist (thanks Roger!): Down the Road A Piece, Love to Remake, Foxtrot Uniform, Who Can Say? > Daylight,  Fair to Even Odds, Break Out in Handcuffs, Wish We Had, It’s 4:20 Somewhere, Man in Me, I’m Glad You Think So, Stella Blue, Whiter Shade of Pale, Tell Me It’s Okay, Kick It Open, On the Road Again


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