Perpetual Groove, Bowery Ballroom, 3.26.10 – Updated

Pre-show: I was unsure of what I was walking into, at the Bowery.  Tonight’s show was 18+, so needless to say, I felt a bit out of my element.  The place was packed.  My friend and I determined where would be “home base”, and we went on our merry ways.  She is usually found up front, me-not so much.  Then Perpetual Groove came on stage.  Earplugs in, check. Notebook and pen ready, check.  Here we go.

Band: Brock Butler (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Albert Suttle (Drums), John Hruby (Keyboards), Adam Perry (Bass)

Set List:

Set I: No Decorations> The March of Gibbles Army> Speed Queen, A Day the Way, At the Screen, The Golden Path
Set II: Mr Transistor> It’s Bad You Know> Mr Transistor, Cairo, Take on Me, Robot Waltz, Up Again
Encore: Life> Stealy Man

Thoughts and first impressions: P-Groove is a cross between having a prominent bass line groove with a bit of old school rock mixed in.  The crowd was pumped up to see them.  The lead singer, Brock, sounds like a mix of Wilco, Old 97’s and Widespread all mixed into one.  They have a nice bouncy groove, with some spacey psychedelic riffs in all the right places. piano spiraling off a fluffy groove, a mix of airy funk filled The Bowery on Friday.  Brock (he reminded me of a fuzzy Trey Anastasio) plucked his guitar Phishy like (perhaps that is why I associated Trey with him?), but yes, there was a phishy tone to the groove.

They covered A-ha’s “Take on Me” and I was in the bathroom at the time.  I was singing in that bathroom along with the vintage 80’s tune, and have to note – the acoustics are not so bad in the loo at The Bowery.  There was a sweetness in the air with Brock’s guitar, John banging those keys, a deep groove where everyone’s head was bouncing to the same beat, people were rocking, energy was addictive and I danced.  I recall the bottom of the bass vibrating through the club, hitting me straight in the chest.  I recall the clank of the drums hitting loud at exactly the perfect moment in those last couple of songs.  I recall the shredding and the keys wailing.  I recall dancing.  Lots of dancing.

I suggest you find a P-Groove show to attend.  They are very, very fun.


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