Day 3 Equifunk 2013: Camp Equinunk, PA

4293578_origSo, I missed breakfast this day.  I really just needed some coffee, although I had some bloody mary mix and accoutrements to ease myself in on this day, I still just wanted coffee.  Which I found a few hours later, much to my delight.

Sunday was a slow day.  You know how it is, festival living/festival time… I just needed to get up there for Mike Dillon Band.  Much to my amazement, I had woken up earlier than originally thought and I could see Papa Mali.  Lucky, lucky me.

I pretty much wandered aimlessly during Papa Mali’s set, it was a little too early still for me to get my groove on.  I haven’t seen Mali in over a year I think, and he looks different. He’s lost a lot of weight (congratulations!) and he looks great.  He sounds even better.  He played a great set with 13 year old guitar virtuoso Bobby Paltauf. This young man made his rounds during the weekend as well, and has played with Deep Banana Blackout this summer at The Brooklyn Bowl. Keep your eye and ears out for him. Mali’s set highlights were: “Wade on the Water,” “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”


photo by: Phrazz

Next was The Mike Dillon Band. I love this group, I love Dillon playing xylophone and congas and drums and percussion. I love the jumping around, the screaming in the mic, the crazy hilarious lyrics, the punk rock attitude these guys give off. And I’m not even talking about Carly Meyers, lady trombonist that can blow a mean horn, run around on stage, and I’ve seen her stage dive into the audience before. There was no stage diving this weekend, but the energy off this band is off the charts. It’s great, I feed off of it.

After this, I wandered back to the cabin to get my belongings together, because I figured this would be a good time to do it before it all of a sudden is time for us to leave. As I walked over the footbridge again, almost lovingly and sorrowful that our time was becoming limited, I felt completely relaxed. Happily exhausted and fully blissed out. I heard London Souls play through the air, and I had a beautiful moment. I was sitting on the porch, listening to London Souls play, the camp and my cabin was quiet and I just sat there. Breathing the crystal clear air of the Poconos. Being aware of this moment, of my breathing, of my existence. It was quiet and calm, and I was fully grounded. Yes, I love these types of moments.

photo by: Phrazz

photo by: Phrazz

I had a feeling this meta-moment was going to make me miss The London Souls. Good thing they come out of Brooklyn. I will see them again soon.

I made it back for The Equifunk All-Stars and I watched Papa Mali watching from the side of the stage. This was a mashup of great proportions with Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), Stanton Moore (Galactic), Nigel Hall (Lettuce, Warren Haynes Band), Pete Shand (New Mastersounds, James Casey (Shady Horns, Lettuce, Trey Anastasio Band), Mike Dillon, Carly Meyers (trombone, Mike Dillon Band), Tash Neal (London Souls), Joe Tatton (New Mastersounds). To me, it didn’t really matter what these guys played, it was amazing to see them be so relaxed and having such a great time.  Again, in my meta-moment existance, I noted that all these guys are raging next to a pool, on a tiny stage, thrilled to be playing with each other, relaxed and happy.  It felt like I was spying in on secret that the band members were chatting about.

Did I say I love the intimacy at Camp Equifunk?

photo by: Phrazz

photo by: Phrazz

Next up was The Main Squeeze.  Honestly, I didn’t seem to give them my full 100% attention, but I do remember asking a bunch of people who these guys were?  Once I realized they were The Main Squeeze, I realized I missed something that I probably should’ve been more attentive too.  They are now on my radar, and will need to see them when they roll through NYC.  They sounded tight.


photo by: Dino Perrucci

Then I got to see The Revivalists.  Again.  Love this band.  Love this energy.  These guys literally give 150% each and every time I see them.  They come from NOLA.  They run around the stage, in the crowd, and back again, all the while playing and singing.  I personally can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so to me – this is impressive!  Seriously, this was a great set.  The small crowd had gotten even smaller at this point.  I was able to see the crowds reaction, which was “what the??? Holy sh*t!”

I missed Fishman’s (drummer, Phish) band called Pork Tornado. From all accounts that was a great fun set, but what really bummed me out to miss was The M&M’s. This was a make-shift band including all artists with the letter “M” in their name, somewhere. Which, virtually, was everyone! Maceo Parker, Stanton Moore, Mike Dillon, Marco Benevento, John Medeski, Papa Mali, Rob Mercurio. This set sounded like a total throwdown, and I was sad to miss it, because it is just one of those great jam moments where artists that don’t usually get to play together get to play together. I could only imagine… as my fellow writer Tyler Curtis wrote for High Times: “The setlist was mostly comprised of covers, including Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come,” Neil Young’s “Walk On,” The Who’s “Eminence Front,” and Led Zeppelin’s “How Many More Times.” Mmmmhmmm, sounds wonderful.


photo by: Phrazz

Till next year, Camp Equifunk! One of the highlights of my summer, for sure.

Set Lists:
Papa Mali
True Religion, Lonesome Road, Wade in the Water, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Since I Laid My Burden Down
[all songs with Bobby Paltauf (g) and Joe Tatton (k) of the New Mastersounds]

Mike Dillon Band
Devious, Monk Meets Fela, So Long Pal, Rainbows Missing Stripes, Cops Don’t Want Us To Have Fun Anymore, The Voyeur, Saturn Returns, Leather On, Hero The Burro, Head, Chef Boyardee.

The London Souls
Lucille (Chuck Berry) > Honey, All Tied Down > Workin’ > Sweet Thang (Sugee Otis) > Under Control, The Sound, I Think I Like It > Apostrophe (Zappa) > I Think I Like It.

Equifunk All-stars
Jackie, Ruben, Pretzel, Pennies 2, Tulsa, Lookout, Borderline

The Main Squeeze
Love Yourself, In a Funk, Mixed Up, Devil Was An Angel, Message To The Lonely, Tank X-ing, Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Temptations), Grow, Where Do We Go

The Revivalists
Stand Up, Concrete, Not Turn Away, Bulletproof, Fireflies, Sunny Days, Keep Going, Criminal, All In The Fam

Pork Tornado
Move With You, Guabi Guabi, Hip City (Jr. Walker & The All Stars), Take It Home With You Baby, Knockin’ On My Door, Trouble Every Day (Frank Zappa), Bim Bam Baby (Frank Sinatra), I’ve Got It All Over You, I Touch Myself (Divinyls), All American > Kiss My Black Ass.

The M&Ms
Smoking at Tipitina’s, The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff), The Real Morning Party (Marco Benevento), Bottle Up and Go, Walk On (Neil Young), Eminence Front (The Who), Sister Sanctified (Stanley Turrentine),How Many More Times (Zeppelin).


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